About Floating Wolf Quarterly

Floating Wolf Quarterly presents poetry in chapbook form, uniquely designed for digital platforms. Each quarterly edition offers the work of an established poet paired with the work of an emerging poet.

Each chapbook is also available from Amazon.com as a well-formatted poetry ebook for Kindle. Sales of the ebooks fund the continued production of FWQ.

Contributors include recipients of MacArthur, Guggenheim, and Wallace Stegner fellowships. Many emerging poets, since appearing in FWQ, have gone on to publish their first books.


FWQ is a one-person shop: Christopher Louvet designs, edits, and publishes it. His published poems and other work, poetic or technical, are available at louvetian.com.

If you'd like to know more, Scott Geiger asked me questions about Floating Wolf Quarterly for BOMB magazine's blog.

Get in Touch

There is a mailing list. Email and I'll put you on it. You'll receive at least four emails a year announcing a new edition. If you're on that list and don't want to be, email me and I'll remove you from it.

You should follow Floating Wolf Quarterly on Twitter @floatingwolf.

For a more automated flavor, you should follow @fwqbot, which tweets semi-regularly unadulterated, machined excerpts from poems that have appeared in FWQ.

To read the latest about Floating Wolf Quarterly or any of the authors who have appeared here, I encourage you to check Back Pages, the FWQ blog. Be warned, lest you think nothing is happening: Back Pages is updated infrequently.


FWQ accepts donations in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

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At this time, FWQ does not accept unsolicited submissions..


FWQ holds first electronic rights for each chapbook it publishes; where individual poems have previously appeared elsewhere, acknowledgement is given. Copyright for each chapbook reverts to the author upon publication.

Future publication of poems that have appeared in Floating Wolf Quarterly should acknowledge their initial appearance on this website.

Please, if you copy any FWQ poems for posting elsewhere or blogging, link back to this site and provide proper attribution.


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